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These are the very kind comments from our customers:

„Over the moon with my Arcade machine, best Christmas present to myself ever…totally bespoke , I ask George could I change the images on the machine to Mortal Kombat graphics and he took care of it no problem.
Also ask if could install a secret switch so I can keep the machine off so Kids can’t be on it too much and again no problem. 
George really builds a great authentic looking Arcade Game and with over 2500 games and ability to install PS1 games through USB stick he doesn’t get much better.
Great nostalgia buzz and worked a treat over Christmas with friends getting a great kick out of it….. verdict… go on treat yourself !!!”
                                                                      Barry from  Galway
Barry asked for the new graphics. I wasn’t sure I can make a full set of new graphics good enough to have approve by customer and do this in time before Christmas to send all files to the printshop in Wales. But the extra effort has paid off well, the machine looks great and looks like Barry is delighted with it. 
From a delighted owner of a great looking arcade machine.
I would like to thank George for making this an easy process from beginning to end.
From  creating a machine with all the alterations that I required and for all the updates on the production process.
THANKS George                                                                       Pat from Limerick
Pat asked for cupboard in the bottom part on the machine, and a few smaller alterations. The cherry on the cake was the handle made from a joystick’s ball 🙂

George provided me with an excellent arcade machine and was also extremely helpful on the design and we ended up putting in a wider screen that looks fabulous, this is now a real attraction to our kids, their friends and even adults coming into our house and playing games from all ages, super great build quality and would recommend buying from George.

                                                                           Alan from Howth

George:                                                                                                  I have built for Alan the very first machine with 27 inches monitor, black matt vinyl on inside and standard body. 27”  is the most popular screen size since 🙂

With the new Pandora Box 6 you can play Playstation 1 games

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