We are very sorry, but we’re not taking any more orders for this Christmas.

We are happy to take orders for the new year. 

We’re preparing a huge surprise for our customers, please follow our website… there will be a loooot of new games…:)

Welcome to the Arcade Nostalgia website. This is the place where you can find and buy the best Arcade Machines built in Ireland. They are always fitted with the newest Pandora boxes and are always built with the top materials and the best quality possible.

Please enjoy browsing the website. Thank you for being here.


Today we added 2 machines with new graphics

Introducing: Space Invaders, Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles

and the new improved version of Dragon Lair.



More pictures  new machines in our Gallery.

New sections added:

Driving/Racing and LightGun Arcade Machine

From 1.09.22 we are starting to take orders for Christmas 2022

(the number of machines we can build is limited, we will work on a first come first serve basis )

The last day for the delivery will be 17.12 (Saturday) then we will be closed till 09.01.23

From this season we decided to change the look of our machines. From now on, the marquee will no longer contain the name of our company, but the logo appropriate for the selected graphics.

These are the very kind comments from our customers:

Andy Dublin5
I wanted to take the opportunity to give a great review for George here. I’ve had the pleasure of working with George three times.
The first time I bought a custom arcade machine with 8,000 plus games and it blew me away. I loved it. Communication throughout the project was amazing. 
From staying in touch with George I explained how I wish I could have a custom machine beside it that was dedicated to driving games. George designed and built a cabinet that was powered by a PlayStation 5. Thrustmaster Steering Wheel and Pedals. The Curved Screen and custom sound system made this next level enjoyable. Its awesome and gets a lot of attention from anyone lucky enough to get an invite to my man cave.
What was I missing? A shooting experience game cabinet. Unfortunately, I was low on space. Spoke with my friend George…..solved it over a 15-minute phone call. 
George took my original machine which holds 8,000 games. Added two Light Guns and a new PC to the cabinet that contains 60 shooting games. Now I can switch between my retro favourites like Street Fighter and Golden Axe or Streets of Rage over to My Shooting Games like Time Crisis etc. Did I mention the beautiful fridge that George added?
I can’t recommend George highly enough.  If you have any doubts email me personally on whelan84@gmail.com and I’ll put your mind to rest. If you’re close to a decision on hiring George but want more concrete evidence email me and ill give you my mobile number. I’ll answer any questions you have and show you mine in action.
Thank you George for everything. You are a fantastic person and at this point a friend of mine. Your customer’s first personality is wonderful to deal with. 
Hire George. Treat yourself. This will be the best decision you make this year.


Brian, Tipperary

„Dealing with George was simple and straightforward, he let me design the look of arcade myself with some of my favourite games from my childhood. He delivered it a few weeks later and gave me the run-through on how to use it, it’s very user-friendly, so easy for all age groups to get the hang of it. The whole family have had hours of fun playing it, really cool to play a game I loved as a child with my family. Although the machine is very entertaining it’s not like modern consoles that kids can get lost in for hours and become addicted so much easier when it comes to controlling screen time. Highly recommend!!!”

George: Thank you, Brian

George, We are extremely happy with the machine we got for a super surprise at Christmas.  The functionality and screen clarity is great, the choice of over 4,000 games is immense.  During the development and build we had excellent communications and the end product was exactly to spec.  Thanks so much.  Richie
Richie  Dublin 01

Richie was very easy and pleasant customer to deal with. The whole process was very nice and simple to go through and was very satisfying for both sides. Sonic is also a very popular design to pick!

I would highly recommend George and the arcade machine he created for us- without hesitation. I had some ideas about what I wanted and George took them and brought it to another level. My husband’s  Christmas present went way beyond expectations… thank you!
Caitriona   Johnstown Naas

We only had three guidelines from Ms Caitriona. It has to be dark, it’s going to be in a room next to a green billiard table, and her husband is a fan of Pac-Man. After creating a design to suit these demands, it became one of our most successful designs and has been used many times since. 

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