What would you

like to buy:


To buy the Arcade Machine you need to make a few decisions 

First the design please have look:


We have prepared 20 different designs for the Machine’s sides and front panels.

( for a small fee we can do the custom design – ask for details)

Below are the designs and what they look like on the machine. For more pictures please have look at the Gallery

Design „Kids 1”

Zelda and Mario


Harley Front
Harley Left side
Street Fighter ver.1
Panels for Street Fighter ver.1
Final Fantasy 7 sides
Final Fantasy 7 panels
Marvel vs Capcom Ready Machine Here in 4 players version
Marvel vs Capcom Sides
Marvel vs Capcom Panels
Marvel vs Capcom
1941 Panels
1941 Front ver.1
1941 Front ver.2
Street Fighter ver.2
Panels for Street Fighter ver.2
Sonic Panels
Sonic Front
Princess Peach R side
Princess Peach L side
Princess Peach Panels
Princess Peach Front
Mario Sides
Mario Panels
Mario Front1
Mario Front2
Mario front with Coin Mech
Arcade Classics Front
Arcade Classics Side
Arcade Classics Panels
ALI: this theme is very popular here Front
ALI side
ALI Panels
Tekken Front 1
Tekken Panels
Zelda Front
Mortal Kombat BLUE Sides
Mortal Kombat RED Machine with black finish
MK Red with Red finish
Mortal Kombat Blue Front
Mortal Kombat BLUE with Black finish
NEW 03.2022 New front ,marquee and the panel under joysticks. and red finish

One of the most popular design: PACMAN

PacMan Sides
PacMan Panels

Now, please choose the finish colour for vinyl and  T-mould:



There are blue, red, black and green colours for the t-mould (the plastic on the front of the side panel) and the vinyl 

green and green
Looks the best when the vinyl and the t-mould are in similar colours.If you would like to order different colours for the t-mould than the vinyl simply let us know the colour you want. 
the 27' BenQ monitor has almost no frame around it - it's the best option for the Arcade Machine
27' BenQ best for Arcade Machine
Arcade Nostalgia machine with the 27 inch monitor. On the screen Sonic:)
The Cupboard
Arcade Nostalgia machines allows you to make your favorites games list and search the games by category or by alphabetical order
Or maybe you fancy a beer or wine fridge to be built into the Machine


The screen :
Usually, it is a 27′ Phillps or BenQ screen. 

It’s also possible to put in a coin mechanism, that operates

on 50 cents, 1, or 2 euro coins or tokens: 20 for 10 euros.      

Additional storage space at the bottom (the cupboard) 

Wine or Beer fridge 

Lock fitted in the cupboard’s door

All the buttons and joysticks are illuminated

As an option, we can make the body into two parts for easy transport. (the Bartop and full-size machine 2 in 1) please see the pics below.

Plug and play. 

All prices in our „Pricing” section

To put an order please send us an email with all details about your dream machine.



We can deliver our machines to the customers anywhere in RoI, Northern Ireland and all UK and Scotland.

We also can put our product as eBay sell so you can purchase is fully protected.

Simply call us – contact details in the About Us section.

Ready wrapped and secured on the way to a customer in the UK