To buy the Arcade Machine you need to make a few decisions: 


First step: It should be just Joysticks or HYBRID Machine: Guns and Joysticks.


Step 1A: If this will be Arcade Machine, how many games?

10.000 games or 26.000 games

More in the pricing section.


Step 2: The size and the monitor, please have a look:

 a. 27-inch monitor in a 27-inch standard body

b. 32-inch monitor with the standard body (27-inch)

c. 32-inch monitor in a 32-inch body

d. 27-inch curved monitor in a 27-inch  body 

If you would like to have a bigger screen… So everything is possible:)  contact us


Machine with the 27-inch monitor, it is the most popular choice
Inexpensive solution for someone who would like to have bigger screen: 32-inch monitor built-in the standard body
32-inch screen in the wider body (here version for 4 players) and SuzzoHapp joysticks
32 inch 2 players version: here 32 inch monitor, illuminated joysticks, Mortal Combat BLUE with blue finish and customer's company logo
Some customers demand the highest quality: here 27inch curved monitor

 Step 3. The design:


We have prepared 18 different designs for the Machine’s sides and front panels.

If you need a custom design, we can do it. Please contact us 

Below are the designs and what they look like on the machine. For more pictures, please have a look at the Gallery.





Now you should know what design your Arcade Machine will have. Time to finish off with the colours and T-moldings.

Step 4. The T-molding  and vinyl’s colour

Now, please choose the finish colour for vinyl and  T-molding:



There are blue, red, black and green colors for the t-molding (the plastic on the front of the side panel) and the vinyl 

green and green
Red and Red vinyl
Blue and Blue vinyl
Looks the best when the vinyl and the t-molding are in similar colours.If you would like to order different colours for the t-molding than the vinyl simply let us know the colour you want. 

The choice of the colour of the t-molding and the inner vinyl can completely change the look of the machine. Here is an example of Mortal Kombat with red and black trim

If you can’t decide what is the best color for your chosen design, please check more photos in the gallery, it may help

Step 5. Extras:

For your convenience, we have prepared several additions to our machines:
1. Cupboard (to make the best use of the space at the bottom of the machine)

2. Fridge: It can be a wine cooler or beer fridge: it’s a little help on the hottest days

3. We can add a lock to the door – your wine or games collection will be safe:)

4. Coin Mechanism is another option for the original look or to make a few coins profit if in a public place 🙂

5. Secret switch on top of the Machine – Very useful during homework 🙂

6. Better joysticks: Illuminated joysticks are good for light use or for kids. If adults are going to use the machine heavily (e.g. fighting games) we recommend using the better Sanwa or SuzzoHapp joysticks.

7. Audio Set – Powerful sound with a subwoofer will enhance your gaming experience

8. As an option, we can make the body into two parts for easy transport. (the Bartop and full-size machine 2 in 1) please see the pics below.

The Cupboard
Or maybe you fancy a beer or wine fridge to be built into the Machine
coin mech - easy way to make a profit
Cupboard can be locked
Secret switch on top of the Machine
Powerful audio is a must in any Man Cave machine:)
Two pieces ready for transport.

We can deliver our machines to customers anywhere in RoI, Northern Ireland, and all of the UK and Europe.

We also can put our product as an eBay sale so you can purchase it fully protected.

And one more thing: only with us you don’t need not pay the entire amount in advance as in other online shops. With us, you pay the deposit and wait for the machine to arrive at your door, if you are fully satisfied, then pay the balance.

Simply call us – contact details in the About Us section and below.

All prices in our „Pricing” section

If you have any questions or want to place an order, please send us an e-mail with all your questions or details about your dream machine.

Ready wrapped and secured on the way to a customer in the UK