To buy the Arcade Machine you need to make a few decisions about the design.


I have prepared 3 different designs for the Machine’s sides.

black and white

Also there’s choice between the front panel – 2 versions for kids and one ”Princess” which is good for the sport and the black and white sides

kids 1
kids 2

The illuminated marquee on top is also in 3 types:


The start panel is also in three versions:

with www
kids only
zelda 2 speakers

You can mix and match all the graphics as all of them are included in the standard price.

The color of inside panels (vinyl) please choose from these pics:

 Simply let me know the code number e.g.: the bright yellow is „025”

Also there’s all 25 colours for the t-mould (the plastic on front of the side panel)

Looks the best when the vinyl and the t-mould are in similar colours.If you would like to order different colours for the t-mould than the vinyl simply let us know the colour you want.

The machine is fitted with the newest original Pandora Box 9D with over 2200 games
All classics arcade games:
Arkanoid, Mario, Street Fighter, Metal Slug, Pac-man, 194x series,  King of Fighters, Golden Axe,           Mortal Kombat,  Galaxian, Asteroids, and many many more…

Full games list here
The screen size :
Usually I will fit a 24′ Dell screen but 27′ (70e extra) or 22′(30e less, for tight spaces) are also the options.
It’s also possible to put in a coin mechanism (100e), operates on 1 or 2 euro coins or tokens: 20 for 15 euro.
All the buttons and joysticks are illuminated
The body is made in two parts for easy transport.(the Bartop and full size machine 2 in 1)
Plug and play.

I hope you like my work.

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