Welcome to the prices page.

This is our basic joysticks machine:

27-inch screen 

Two players 

Graphic design of your choice 

Pandora Box 10 with over 10.000 games included.

From only 1100 euro

27-inch body with a 32-inch screen 

Two players 

Graphic design of your choice 

Pandora Box 10 with over 10.000 games included

From only 1250 euro 

32-inch body with a 32-inch screen 

Two players

Graphic design of your choice 

Pandora Box 10 with over 10,000 games included

From only 1400 eur

Option: Beer cooler or wine cooler
We buy our coolers in PowerCity:
This is the most frequently installed model (subject to availability)
cost 180 euros now please add 20e for delivering the fridge to our premises and 100e for installations in the Arcade Machine
(doors, door wrapping, hinges, MDF fitting around, etc.)
Price only: 300 euros 

Option: Cupboard
A cupboard built into the bottom of the machine
Opening front, hinges, veneered door, shelf, back panel and joystick knob as a handle
Price 100 euros

Option: Cupboard lock
With this option, your treasures are now safe
Price: 20 euros

Option: Competition Joysticks.

For real gamers, we’ve added new and better joysticks. These joysticks are some of the best in the world. (unfortunately, these are not illuminated)
depending on availability, we install Sanwa, Seimitsu, or SuzzoHapp,
these are the joysticks used in the World Arcade Competition
The best quality for only 60 euros per pair.

Option: 2.1 Audio System

Powerful Logitech or Trust Speakers with Subwoofer, 100-120W (50-60W RMS), Sound System with Wired Volume Control, Jack 3.5 mm for headphones and audio input.

Only: 90 euro

Green MDF – Moisture Resistant version of MDF

Please use it for all Machines which will be kept in the cold and dumped places:
Unheated man’s caves or shed/bar/playroom in the back garden

only: 35 euros for a 27inch body

          50 euros for a 32-inch body


Option: Hidden switch
A lovely way to calmly do your children’s homework
Only 20 euro

Option: Machine in 2 parts
It makes it easier to transport and carry the machine, e.g. up the stairs.
If you plan to move in the future, this is an option for you
50 euros for 32-inch machines
30 euros for 27-inch machines

Option: Coin Mechanism 

Coin mechanism
For an authentic look or to bring profit
Coin mechanism, door, round key lock, and connection
The coin mechanism can be set for 50 cents, 1 euro, 2 euros, or tokens.

Price from 110 euros (ask for details)

There is not enough space to put together the fridge and the coin mech in the same machine.

Option: Pack Of 20.     size: 27.8mm
Grooved Brass Tokens

Price: 15 euro