Welcome to our Pricing section.

The Basic Full-Sized Machine includes:

  • The one-piece Body ( built with 18mm standard MDF)
  • High-Quality Vinyl printed with graphics of your choice, all graphics now laminated for protection against scratches and wear 
  • 27 inch new BenQ or Philips monitor
  • Built-in audio system
  • Illuminated joysticks, buttons and marquee.
  • Pandora Box 10  10.000 games with WiFi

Price only 1100 euro.

Extras :

Machine build with Moisture Resistant MDF 

If you have a plan to keep your machine in unheated spaces like your shed or garage please use this option.

40 euro 


We also prepared a few options you can easily add to your Machine:

  • Coin Mechanism (Fully working with the Round key „you are the Boss”:)-to add a realistic appearance to the Machine) 70 euro
  • Cupboard (It is a storage unit in the bottom part of the Machine) 100 euro

A small lock to the door in the cupboard

20 euro

Small hidden power switch at the top of the machine 

Very useful during homework time 🙂

Only 20 euro

There is an option to put in a wine or beer mini-fridge for the bottom part.

Prices range from 150 euro.

Mini Beer fridge, 18 or 24 wine bottles full-size bottles fridge or 48 wine bottles option- call for details

For just 150 euro we can install SANWA or SUZO HAPP joysticks and buttons in your machine. This is the Mercedes in the joysticks and buttons world – the best quality you can get.

We can give a warranty for 5 years – if anything happened we will come and replace them for free. 

On these joysticks all over the world, players play in the arcade world tournaments.

Unfortunately, they are not illuminated.

Or for only 50 euro, we can fit only  2 Sanwa or Suzo Happ joysticks.

All illuminated buttons will stay.

Great feel and good looks 🙂

We can make the body into two parts for easy transport.

(the Bartop and full-size machine 2 in 1) 

30 euro

If you have any new ideas about how to enhance your machine we are happy to do it for you.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, simply send us an email.