In this section of the website, we’d like to show you how we build our arcade machines.

We start off by buying a monitor (In whatever size the customer wants it) and measuring it’s width.

Once we’re done with measuring the monitor, we get the MDF boards cut to size in Woodworker’s Dublin.

Once the MDF pieces come in, we cut same of them in their correct shape using our templates. Using the templates we know that the size will always be the exact same. As seen in the picture is the side of the arcade machine.

we also cut spaces for the T-mould and marquee

 After that, we cover the inside of the machine with the selected vinyl colour.

The longest building process of the machine is the delivery – in the first picture you can see the graphic prints coming in from the printing company in the UK, and also in the UK we get the rest of the parts for the machine. (The heart of the machine – Pandora Box, comes from Shanghai in China.)

Once everything is delivered and sorted out, we start the montage.

We always start from the base of the machine, and we build the upper half of the machine from the bottom-up. Then we put in the monitor, screw in the Pandora and add in the power supply.

We protect the LED strips with hot glue to make it last for years to come.

We protect the power cable from disconnecting by accident.

After that come the electric parts and connections. 

In order to mask all of the screw holes, we add filler to make it appear smooth once the filler is sanded and the graphics are stuck on.

At the end, we put in the side graphics, T-Moulds and start the machine to test it out and see if everything works fine.

Just ask for the colour and we’ll do the rest.

Every machine looks different, as customers choose different colours and different parts. We try to make every customer happy, and make every machine be one of a kind.

We always test our machines on our two favourite games, Moon Patrol and Metal Slug, the best games from our childhood 😉

We hope you know now more about our building process and enjoy our machines more.

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