Welcome in our products section. This is what we sell:

Currently, we produce 5 different arcade machines. 

1, based on Pandora Box 4s - 815 games for only €550

2, based on Pandora Box 5 - 960 games full HD for only €600

3, based on newest Pandora Game - 1299 games fullHD for only €650

4, based on powerful PC with about 5000 arcade games for only 800

5, based on powerful PC + Emulators a huge range of over 35.000 games from over two decades for only €950

The bodies of the machines are all the same : a full size arcade machine divided into two parts for easy transport.

We can deliver for free localy, and for a small fee anywhere in RoI and Nothern Ireland and we also dispatched our machines to the UK on a pallet by courier. ( €75 +VAT).

We have made our machines with 3 different graphic designs:

1.For Kids:

2, Neutral graphics should suit all

3. New "sport" 

For more details or order simply call George 0899 877 309 or contact by contact form at about us page.